Sam Valerio, CRPC®

Sam Valerio, CRPC®

Wealth Manager

Sam Valerio, a native Houstonian, and a graduate of the University of Houston, with a Bachelors Degree in Finance, and Certificate in Global Energy Management. Originally he was a Hotel and Restaurant Management major with aspirations of becoming a sommelier. It was at the Four Season’s Hotel where he met his now wife, Nikki, who encouraged him to chase his other passion, the stock market. They are raising two kids, Elijah, 23, and Ethan 13.

Early in Sam’s career, he was at Morgan Stanley during the ’08 financial crisis and later spent the majority of his career with JP Morgan Chase. He joined the Blue Maple Financial team just before everyone was sent home, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. He’s always enjoyed working with clients with the goal of not just being their Financial Advisor, but a partner who works with clients through their financial endeavors. Though most financial decisions are just math, there is emotion in every situation that he helps clients through.

Outside work Sam enjoys just about any sport, loves to entertain, and enjoys traveling. Sam doesn’t plan on retiring early but does plan on having a beach house in Thailand, where his wife is from. For now, he is happy to take one beach and one ski vacation annually.